How to get to Sansanyuzawa


About 2 min walk
①After exiting the ticket gate turn right toward the east exit.
②Stay to the right and cross the street at the traffic light towards the soba shop ""Kizuna""
③Continue straight on the road with the roof.
④Cross at the next traffic light and Sansan will be on the right.About 2 min walk from the station"


About 20 min walk
①Use the steps at the intersection to go down and stay to your right of the tunnel.
②Continue straight until the end of the street, then turn left and go to “Route 17”
③Cross at the traffic light and on the right proceed down “Route 17.
④Turn left at traffic light named “Echigo Yuzawa Station
⑤Turn left again at the next traffic light named “Yuzawa Station Font” and Sansan will be on your left.About 20 min walk from the bus station"

Sansanyuzawa Infomation

〒949-6101 新潟県南魚沼郡湯沢町湯沢4丁目1−36