Sansan Yuzawa’s building was built around 50years ago but renovated recently.
Our stairs are a little narrow and sound proof is not perfect due to this old building, but we do our best to give you confortable stays.

We also requset you to cooperate with us to be nice to other guests and let’s have fun stays.
We hope you have pleasant stays here and feel like you are at your friend’s home.

Check-In3pm-9pm(once you check-in, doors are 24hours open)
Lights off10pm (Please be quiet after 10pm)
Check-Out~10am (1day full price would be charged after 10am)

*There are two cats in the house.
*Children under 10 years old are not allowed in Sansan Yuzawa.
*Smoking is prohibited in all areas. There is no smoking area available.
*We have shower rooms and there is a good hot spring near Sansan Yuzawa.

Price Table

Room typeCapacityNumber of peopleFee
Winter (December~March)Summer (April~November)
Unisex Dormitory114,300 Yen3,300 Yen
6-tatami Japanese room1-217,000 Yen5,500 Yen
212,000 Yen9,000 Yen
10-tatami Japanese room1-31-216,000 Yen12,000 Yen
321,000 Yen16,500 Yen

Last week in July and first week in August, winter prices apply.

About Rooms

Unisex Dormitory

Number of people
1 person
Winter (December~March) 4,300 Yen / Summer (April~November) 3,300 Yen
Last week in July and first week in August, winter prices apply.
This is a mixed dormitory.Each bed has an outlet and light and at the side there is a place for valuables.There are no curtains or walls so you can easily become friends with other travelers.We understand that some people may prefer curtains, but to create a more friendly environment where you can connect with other travelers we have kept the open concept.For those who want a private space, please use our private rooms. Also, we do not allow bed and room designation.Please note that even with reservations of more than one person, we cannot guarantee assignment of beds or rooms.Beds may be separated depending on the reservation situation.

6-tatami Japanese room

Number of people
1person : Winter (December~March) 7,000 Yen / Summer (April~November) 5,500 Yen
2person : Winter (December~March) 12,000 Yen / Summer (April~November) 9,000 Yen
Last week in July and first week in August, winter prices apply.
This is a three person room.(*This room fits three people, but it is a small room so we recommend it for two people.)Prices vary depending on schedule and number of people, so please confirm prices on the reservation page.This room comes with futon, clothes hanger, heater, and air conditioner.Toilets and showers are shared with other guests.

10-tatami Japanese room

Number of people
1~2person : Winter (December~March) 16,000 Yen / Summer (April~November) 12,000 Yen
3person : Winter (December~March) 21,000 Yen / Summer (April~November) 16,500 Yen
Last week in July and first week in August, winter prices apply.
This is a 5 person room.Please be aware that even with a small number of people, this room will be more expensive.This room comes with futon, clothes hanger, heater, air conditioner, table, and cushions.Again, toilets and showers are shared with other guests.

Facility information

Free service

  • Wifi

  • Hair Dryer

  • Soap (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash)

  • Luggage storage on check in and check out days

  • Photography

  • Tourist information

  • etc
* You can use the refrigerator, toaster, microwave, pot, cup, etc. in the common space.

Paid service

  • Toothbrush 100 Yen

  • Face Towel 100 Yen

  • Rental bath towel 200 Yen

  • Coin Laundry (wash and dry) 500 Yen

  • Luggage storage on days other than check in/check out 500 Yen

  • Parking 500 Yen

  • etc

Sharing Room & Working Room



Can Sansan Yuzawa keep our baggages before check-in and after check-out?
Sansan keep your baggages after 8am on the check-in day and you can use changing room for free.
Sansan keep your baggages until 8pm on the check-out day for free.
Sansan keep your baggages for 500yen per piece per day on the days other than check-in/out.
We don't keep any valuable items.
Can we send our packages to Sansan Yuzawa?
You can do it if you indicate the arrival time as 3pm or later on the day before your check-in. Please put your name as consignee.
Sansan Yuzawa charge 500yen per piece per day if your packages arrive here earlier than above stated.
Can we check-in after 9pm?
Check-in time is until 9pm. We may accept early check-in in this case. If you have done check-in procedure, you can come back anytime, so please come early even before check-in time.
If you cannot arrive by 9pm and you don't give us any advance notices, we recognize you as no-show-guests.
Do Sansan have curfew?
We do not have it. Even the main entrance is closed, but still the small door beside it is available with a key.