Free accommodation 2023-24


This year we are looking for 4 free accommodation staffs.
Please read this page carefully and apply for it ^^

Work 4 hours a day, and you will get free accommodation.
6 days in a week. 1day off!

December 10 to March 31
*Need to be more than 6weeks.
If you prefer less than 6weeks, please write it on the form. We will consider about it.

-Break fast staff
-Dining staff
-Snow shoveling
and so on.

Mixed dormitory in Sansan backpackers or Concon shared house(2minutes away from Sansan).

-Cat lover
-English (normal conversation)

【Sorry we cannot hire you】
-Who cannot go well with the community

If everything is good, please send the form from here.
after that, we will reply to you in 2 or 3 days ➔ online interview ➔ you will get result in 1 week (the earliest answer will be October 1st).

Let’s enjoy Yuzawa snow life with Sansan ^^


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