Sansan Yuzawa Attractive

In my opinion, The charm of Yuzawa is the wonderful and kind local people.
Whether you are here for sightseeing, work, or leisure, the locals of Yuzawa are always here to welcome you.
A way of life that is natural in Yuzawa like the strong local culture, as you get to know the locals here, you will definitely come to love Yuzawa more and more.
We apologize if you end up wanting to live in the wonderful Yuzawa town!
Sansan Yuzawa can help you have the greatest trip possible!

There are beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, and delicious rice, sake, fish, and meat.
For the locals, talking to all sorts of travelers is new and exciting.
When you visit definitely ask the locals for their recommended spots and shops.

  • ▲旅人と地元の人の交流

  • ▲何気ない風景に癒されます

  • ▲正月は餅つき大会

  • ▲星空が綺麗です